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Command X-4 R

World's Smallest Wireless Remote Control Reel 

A medium to heavy size fishing. Simple lever-action drag control will give a wide range of stable drag adjustments. It is still light enough to run from the portable power pack for complete mobility (power pack not included). Best of all, you can adjust the winding speed by turning the power knob to ad just the right speed for your catch. For the big catch, a handle will add more winding power as needed. It is simple to operate and fills your sack in no time without tiring your arms. The computerized functions are: Depth Memory (sinks the bait down to the same spot every time until reprogrammed), a LCD Digital, displays how much line is out, Depth Memory, condition of the battery, winding speed and momentary stop. 

The Line out, battery, winding speed are all displayed real time on the hand held remote.

Light weight all purpose reel

Model No.

Command X-4R (CX-4R)

Reel Size:



7" (W) x 6" (L) x 5" (H)

Weight: (lbs.)


Max. Drag: (lbs.)

44 lbs 196 Newton

Winding Speed:
(Rpm. No Load)

100 ~ 500 rpm

Hoisting power:
(max. momentum lbs.)

19 ~ 44 lbs

Line capacity:
(Miya Dacron line)

300 yds. 50 lbs.

Current consumption:  D.C. 12 Volts

2 ~ 8AH 

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