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Command Series X- 20

This is a beautifully designed, first-class, 18 Karat gold plated with gold tone finished for deep-sea trolling, jigging and bottom fishing for marlin, tuna, bottom fishes and every other fish imaginable. Each is equipped with full Command systems, a high performance torque motor, a new durable drag plate, LCD line counter, automatic zero stop, slow start and slow stop, removable line guide and hand crank. The CX-20 has, in addition, a quick speed change dial and a unique automatic jigging function. Only reels this sophisticated can earn the privilege of wearing GOLD. The reel comes in a nice classic aluminum box with a handle. Limited edition.

Model No.

Command X-20  (CX-20)

Reel Size:



10" (W) x 8.5" (L) x 6" (H)

Weight: (lbs.)

11.7 lbs.

Max. Drag: (lbs.)

50 lbs to 100 lbs

Winding Speed:
(Rpm. No Load)

200~400 rpm.

Hoisting power:
(max. momentum lbs.)

46 ~ 137 lbx.. (Momentum)

Line capacity:
(Miya Dacron line)

1,100 yds. 80 lbs. Dacron

Current consumption:

3 ~ 22 AH D.C. 12 volt

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