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 Command X- 10
CX-10 is a beautifully designed, first-class, 18 Karat gold plated with gold tone finished for deep-sea trolling, jigging and bottom fishing for marlin, tuna, bottom fishes and every other fish imaginable. Each is equipped with a full Command systems, a high performance torque motor, a new durable drag plate, LCD line counter, automatic zero stop, slow start and slow stop, removable line guide and hand crank. Only reels this sophisticated can earn the privilege of wearing GOLD. The reel comes in a nice classic aluminum box with a handle. Limited edition.
Standard Features
1. Simple Lever-Action Drag control will give you a wide range of stable drag adjustments.
2. On-Off Winding switch to pump your catch.
3. The Auto Winding switch to relax your arms.
4. The unique Miya Level Winding mechanism to keep your line evenly on the spool.
5. The Variable Speed Control dial to reel your catch in just the right speed.
6. The Line Counter to tell you how far your line is out by the revolution of the spool.
7. The Speed Indicator to indicate the position of the winding speed.
8. Automatic Zero Stop to keep your line from running through the guide (automatically stops winding when the counter reaches "000")
9. The Battery Indicator will show if your batter power is sufficient or not.
10. For the big catch, the Override Handle will enable you to add more winding power as needed.
11. Large LCD display.
12. The Direction of spool turning. It is simple to operate and will fill your sack in no time without tiring your arms.
13. Depth Memory to recall your last drop. The bait will sink down to the same spot every time to the set memory until you reprogram it to a new depth memory.

Model No.

Command X-10 (CX-10)

Reel Size:



9" (W) x 8.5" (L) x 6" (H)

Weight: (lbs.)

9.2 lbs.

Max. Drag: (lbs.)

55 lbs to 105 lbs

Winding Speed:
(Rpm. No Load)

170 ~ 310 rpm.

Hoisting power:
(max. momentum lbs.)

43 ~ 137 lbs. (Momentum)

Line capacity:
(Miya Dacron line)

800 yds. 80 lbs. Dacron

Current consumption:

2 ~ 20 AH D.C.12 volt


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